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EasyQuote it's the ultimate quote software developed exclusively for the stone industry.


What does EasyQuote do?

EasyQuote combines easy drawing + nesting + cost control & quoting  + final DXF files immediately for a production order. It's easy to operate, extremely accurate, and enables you fast auto nesting planning display for the best slab use. Reduces time, waste, with real cost control in just one click.



Win time.

You can do the nesting of your entire project pieces into your slab inventory with the best possible use and quote at the same time. You can also import different types of files such as (DXF and EXCEL) that will be converted in a quote and a production plan automatically.

Boost your sales

Faster quotes raise the sales percentage possibility and enhance you as a responsive company to nowadays client needs & competition revelry.

Provides you accurate cost control

From the best nesting, material cost, finishing, transport, men work, machine time, handling etc… EasyQuote makes sure nothing gets forgotten, so you know exactly what your real cost is. You can add and customize endless cost variables.




Combines quoting and production in just one-step.

When you draw in EasyQuote you are automatically quoting and generating a DXF file. So if your customer accepts your quote later on, you already have the accurate production order ready to use in your CNC machine or in ony other processing mode.

Eliminates mistakes

Precise computer calculation eliminates manual mistakes errors.

Generates versatility

Decrease the dependence of a specialist budgeter due to its user friendly ability.


Be more competitive in the market having a much more disciplined cost control, higher production and time.   

• Save men work time and adjust your staff for other company needs and ultimate organization by making the quoting process much faster.

 • Increase your production capacity with a better PPC (Planning production control).


EasyQuote original software packs and it´s optionals available now in our Horus Store.

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